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MCDONAGH, BARBARA S.Na Momi Ho'omana'o, Pearls to Remember260019.95
Ma, Nancy ChihMrs. Ma's Chinese Cookbook43716.95
Ma, Nancy ChihMrs. Ma's Favorite Chinese Recipes4388.95
Mahy, MargaretSeven Chinese Brothers176312.95
Mai, Tuyet Thi NguyenRubber Tree (HB)225629.95
Malone, MaryConnie Chung, Broadcast Journalist (HB)220517.95
Man-Ch'ing, Cheng & Smith, Robert W.T'ai-Chi, The Supreme Ultimate Exercise for Health, Sport, and Self-Defense51025.95
Marcus, RussellEnglish-Lao, Lao-English Dictionary55516.95
Mark, Diane Mei LinA Place Called Chinese America221725.95
Marvis, Barbara J.Contemporary American Suc Stor V 2 pb, Famous People of Asian Ancestry21948.95
Marvis, Barbara J.Contemporary American Suc Stor V 3 pb, Famous People of Asian Ancestry21958.95
Marvis, Barbara J.Contemporary American Suc Stor V I pb, Famous People of Asian Ancestry21938.95
Masuda, K.Kenkyusha's New Pocket Japanese English Dictionary24839.95
Masumoto, David MasCountry Voices, The Oral History of a Japanese American Farm Community138215.95
Masumoto, David MasEpitaph for a Peach (PB)258412
Masumoto, David MasEpitaph for a Peach, four seasons on my family farm247420
Mathews, PeggyTub Qoob Tub Loo, Farmer Boy (HB)234614.95
Matsuo, DorothyBoyhood to War221535
Mazer, AnneAmerica Street (PB)21884.95
Mazer, AnneGoing Where I'm Coming From (hb)241215.95
Mazer, AnneGoing Where I'm Coming From (pb)24136.95
McCunn, Ruthanne LumChinese Proverbs19377.95
McCunn, Ruthanne LumSole Survivor (PB)10732.95
McCunn, Ruthanne LumThousand Pieces of Gold (PB), A Biographical Novel15012
McCunn, Ruthanne LumWooden Fish Songs247522.95
McCunn, Ruthanne LumWooden Fish Songs (PB)255912.95
McDonagh, Barbara S.Makana Aloha244714.95
McDonald, ArchieJapanese Experience in Butte County, California220413.95
McKivor, June Murkai, ed.Kenjiro Nomura-An Artist's View of the Japanese American Internment193911.95
Miki, Roy & Cassandra KobayashiJustice in Our Time, the Japanese Canadian Redress Settlement191129.95
Min, Pyong GapEthnic Business Enterprise: Korean Small Business in Atlanta252324.95
Minatoya, Lydia YuriTalking to High Monks in the Snow201920
Minnesota Humanities CommissionBraided Lives201513.95
Minnick, Sylvia SunSamfow: the San Joaquin Chinese Legacy217025
Minnick, Sylvia SunSamfow: The San Joaquin Chinese Legacy151515.95
Mirikitani, JaniceShedding Silence (HB)134014.95
Mirikitani, JaniceShedding Silence (PB) Poetry and Prose13259.95
Mirikitani, JaniceWe, the Dangerous247612.95
Mitamura, Yasuko KosakaLet's Learn Hiragana, First Book of Basic Japanese Writing132713
Mitamura, Yasuko KosakaLet's Learn Katakana, Second Book of Basic Japanese Writing132813
Miura, AkiraJapanese Words and Their Uses (PB)2499.95
Miyakawa, EdwardTule Lake1698.95
Miyamoto, KazuoHawaii, End of the Rainbow35510.95
Mochizuki, KenBaseball Saved Us (HB)209815.95
Mochizuki, KenBaseball Saved Us (pb)24705.95
Mochizuki, KenHeroes241714.95
Mochizuki, KenHeroes (PB)26365.95
Mochizuki, KenPassage to Fredom, the Sugihara Story257415.95
Montroll, JohnAnimal Origami for the Enthusiast, Step-by-step Instructions in Over 900 Diagrams14896.95
Montroll, JohnPrehistoric Origami, Dinosaurs & Other Creatures19229.95
Moore, Charles A.Japanese Mind, Essentials of Japanese Philosophy and Culture25811.95
Moore, JohnColloquial Thai, A Complete Language Course249234.95
Moore-Howard, PatriciaEthnic Lao-Who Are They?201012.95
Moore-Howard, PatriciaHmong-Yesterday and Today153812.95
Moore-Howard, PatriciaIu Mien: Tradition & Change183812.95
Morey, Janet Nomura & Wendy DunnFamous Asian Americans191016
Mori, KisakuMushrooms as Health Foods4293.95
Mori, ToshioChauvinist and Other Stories17212.95
Mori, ToshioYokohama California102212.95
Moriyama, YukikoQuick & Easy Japanese Cuisine for Everyone230518.95
Moriyama, YukikoQuick & Easy Tofu Cook Book49018.95
Moulin, PierreU.S. Samurais in Bruyeres, Moulin, Pierre217147
Moy, James S.Marginal Sights (PB)223412.95
Moy, James S.Marginal Sights, staging the Chinese in America221629.95
Mueller, MarkLet's Color Korea, Traditional Games16587.95
Mukherjee, BharatiHolder of the World247212
Mura, DavidColors of Desire (PB)241510
Mura, DavidMale Grief, A: Notes on Pornography & Addiction, an Essay by David Mura19054
Mura, DavidTurning Japanese(PB)188312
Mura, DavidWhere the Body Meets Memory, an Oddyssey of Race, Sexuality & Identity261222.95
Murayama, MiltonAll I Asking For Is My Body1749.95
Murayama, MiltonFive Years on a Rock22919.95

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