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SCHILDENToyohiko Kagawa (HB)164920.95
Saiki, JessicaFrom the Lanai and Other Hawaiian Stories255010.95
Saiki, JessicaOnce, A Lotus Garden22137.95
Saiki, PatsyGanbare! An Example of Japanese Spirit6769.95
Saiki, Patsy SumieEarly Japanese Immigrants in Hawaii220312
Saiki, Patsy SumieSachie, A Daughter of Hawaii25098.95
Sakade, FlorenceGuide to Reading and Writing Japanese, 1,850 Basic Characters and Kana Syllabaries52816.95
Sakade, Florence, EditorJapanese Children's Favorite Stories3216.95
Sakai, KimikoSachiko Means Happiness169613.95
Sakai, KimikoSachiko Means Happiness (pb)25836.95
Sakata, HideakiOrigami15227.95
San Juan, E. Jr.If You Want to Know What We Are, a Carlos Bulosan Reader3195.95
San Juan, Jr., E.Cry and the Dedication, Carlos Bulosan (PB)264122.95
Sandmeyer, Elmer ClarenceAnti-Chinese Movement in California18719.95
Sanematsu, BenInward Light, An Asian American Journey259012.95
Sano, Peter1000 Days in Siberia259125
Santos, BienvenidoScent of Apples19214.95
Santos, Bienvenido NMan Who (Thought He) Looked Like Robert Taylor16719.95
Santos, Bienvenido NPraying Man16709.95
Santos, Bienvenido NVolcano167313.95
Santos, Bienvenido N.Memory's Fictions, a Personal History225516.5
Santos, Bienvenido N.What the Hell for You Left Your Heart in San Francisco163717.95
Santos, BienvenitoBread of Salt210714.95
Santos, BienvenitoBread of Salt (HB)210630
Sasaki, R.A.Loom & Other Stories, The193610
Sato, EstherJapanese Now, V 2 - Exercise Sheets10615.4
Sato, EstherJapanese Now, V 2 - Teacher's Manual103518
Sato, EstherJapanese Now, V 3 - Exercise Sheets13565.4
Sato, EstherJapanese Now, V 3 - Teacher's Manual135527
Sato, EstherJapanese Now, V 4 - Exercise Sheets17377
Sato, EstherJapanese Now, V 4 - Teacher's Manual173641
Sato, EstherJapanese Now-audio tape Vol III164575
Sato, EstherJapanese Now-audio tape, Vol I164475
Sato, EstherJapanese Now-audio tape, Vol II105975
Sato, Esther & Masako SakiharaJapanese Now, V 3 - Student Book131224
Sato, Esther & Masako SakiharaJapanese Now, V 4 - Student Text165527
Sato, Esther M.T.Japanese Now, V 1 - Exercise Sheets10625.4
Sato, Esther M.T. & M. Sakihara & L.I. ShishidoJapanese Now, V 1 - Teacher's Manual103418
Sato, Esther M.T. & M. Sakihara & L.I.ShishidoJapanese Now, V 2 - Student55424
Sato, Esther M.T. & Shishido, Loren I.Japanese Now, V 1 - Student Text55318
Sato, TeruoJapanese Crane (HB)208426.95
Say, AllenA River Dream (PB)21414.95
Say, AllenAlison258617
Say, AllenEl Chino177014.95
Say, AllenEmma's Rug255216.95
Say, AllenGrandfather's Journey (HB)219116.95
Say, AllenLost Lake175814.95
Say, AllenRiver Dream, A175914.95
Say, AllenTree of Cranes189416.95
Scharlin, Craig & Lilia V. VillanuevaPhilip Vera Cruz, a Personal History of Filipino Immigrants and the Farmworkers Movement254015
Schecter, EllenSim Chung and the River Dragon23443.5
Schroeder, AlanLily and the Wooden Bowl245214.95
Seike, Kiyoshi, Masanobu Kudo & David EngelJapanese Touch For Your Garden150824.95
Serizawa, KatsusukeTsubo, Vital Points for Oriental Therapy157124.95
Shaughnessey, LindaMichelle Kwan, Skating Like the Wind (PB)26166.95
Shea, Pegi DeitzWhispering Cloth, A Refugee's Story251215.95
Shigekawa, MarleneBlue Jay In The Desert211412.95
Shigekuni, JulieA Bridge Between Us (HB)241418.95
Shimizu, KayCooking with Exotic Mushrooms4315.95
Shimizu, KayGourmet Wok Cooking4395.95
Shimizu, KaySushi at Home49922
Shimizu, KayTsukemono, Japanese Pickled Vegetables211124
Shing Yen-LingT'ai Chi Ch'uan, the Basic Exercises257126
Shirota, JonLucky Come Hawaii163912.95
Shurtleff, William & Akiko AoyagiBook of Miso, The196711.99
Shurtleff, William & Aoyagi, AkikoBook of Tofu, Food for Mankind77115.95
Simmons, Sharon KeikoGaman, a Generation in Hawai'i25997.95
Sing, RachelChinese New Year's Dragon23345.99
Sing, RachelChinese New Year's Dragon (with cassette)262216.5
Sirirathasuk, Pang Xiong & T-Bee LoHmong Kwv Txhiaj253410
Skinner, Michelle CruzBalikbayan, a Filipino Homecoming185110.95
Smith, ArthurGame of Go, the National Game of Japan1209.95
Smyth, DavidColloquial Cambodian, A Complete Language Course248934.95
Snakenburg, Lokomaika 'iokalaniHawaiian Word Book168716.95
Soga, Keiho & Mori, Taisanboku & Takei, SojinPoets Behind Barbed Wire5898
Solis, Melchizedek MaraonPilipinas A to Z, A Barangay Activity Book247911.95
Solomon, CharmaineChinese Diet Cookbook48110.95
Sone, MonicaNisei Daughter18013.95
Song, CathyPicture Bride20307.95
Spagnoli, CathyJudge Rabbit and the Tree Spirit180114.95
Steidl, Kim SakamotoPortraits of Asian-Pacific Americans, Exploring the Achievements of Famous Asian-Pacific Americans180210.95
Stepanchuk, CarolRed Eggs & Dragon Boats, Celebrating Chinese Festivals220716.95
Sue, Derald W. & Wiley, JohnCounseling the Culturally Different, Theory & Practice49539.95
Sueyoka, GeorgeUrashima Taro (HB)224512.95
Sugano, KimikoKimiko's World: Cooking, Culture and Festivals of Japan107510.95
Sugihara, HirokiPuppe's Story251410.95
Sugihara, HirokiVisas For Life250726
Suh, Dae-SookWritings of Henry Cu Kim147337.95
Sumida, StephenAnd the View from the Shore, Literary Traditions of Hawaii186730
Sumida, Stephen S. & David J. O'BrienJapanese American Experience (HB)187534.95
Sumida, Stephen S. & David J. O'BrienJapanese American Experience (PB)187612.95
Sun, Ming-juJapanese Kimono Paper Dolls in Full Color11704.95
Sung, Betty LeeAdjustment Experienc(HB) Chinese Immigrant Children in New York City157324.95
Sung, Betty LeeChinese American Intermarriage (HB)171724.95
Surat, Michele MariaAngel Child, Dragon Child19143.95
Sutter, Frederick KoehlerSamoa, A Photographic Essay38825
Sutter, Frederick KoehlerSamoans, A Global Family157734.95
Suyenaga, RuthKorean Children's Day23354.95
Suyenaga, RuthObon23334.95
Suyenaga, Ruth with Young Sook KimKorean Children's Day (with cassette)262416.5
Suyeoka, George, Rbt B Goodman, Rbt A SpicerIssunboshi (hb)196813.95
Suyeoka, George, Ruth TabraMomotaro196912.95
Suzuki, Lester E.Ministry in the Assembly and Relocation Centers of WWII4939.95

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