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Ragaza, AngeloLives of Notable Asian Americans, Business, Politics & Science243418.95
Raineri, Vivian McGuckinRed Angel (HB), the Life & Times of Elaine Black Yoneda185719.95
Raineri, Vivian McGuckinRed Angel (PB), The Life and Times of Elaine Black Yoneda18119.95
Ramos, TeresitaFILIpino Word Book and cassette199616.95
Ramos, TeresitaFilipino Wordbook Set232916.95
Ramos, Teresita & Resty M. CenaModern Tagalog, Grammatical Explanations & Exercises for Non-Native Speakers186214.95
Ramos, Teresita V.Conversational Tagalog, A Functioanl Situational Approach116719
Ramos, Teresita V.Tagalog Dictionary53814.95
Ramos, Teresita V. & Goulet, Rosalina MoralesIntermediate Tagalog, Developing Cultural Awareness Through Language53721.95
Ramos, Teresita V. and Maria Lourdes S. BautistaHandbook of Tagalog Verbs - Inflections, Modes, and Aspects147013.95
Rattigan, Jama KimDumpling Soup228015.95
Reeser, MichaelHuan Ching and the Golden Fish24224.95
Robles, AlRappin' with ten thousand carabaos in the dark(PB)251810
Rohmer, Harriet, EditorJust Like Me258215.95
Ronyoung, KimClay Walls (PB)185814.95
Root, Maria P.P.Racially Mixed People In America (HB)210848
Root, Maria P.P.Racially Mixed People In America (PB)210928.95
Rose, Roger G.Hawai'i, The Royal Isles84118.95
Russell, LeongAsian American Sexualities, Dimensions of the Gay & Lesbian experience248117.95
Rutledge, PaulVietnamese In America (HB)213015.95
Rutledge, PaulVietnamese In America (PB)21295.95
Rutledge, Paul JamesVietnamese Experience, The (HB) in America194734.95

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