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Yabuki, Shinichi R.Modern Abacus, an effective mathematical tool235014.95
Yagi, KojiJapanese Touch for Your Home111022
Yamada, MitsuyeCamp Notes, and other poems24948.95
Yamada, MitsuyeDesert Run Poems and Stories15287.95
Yamada, MitsuyeSowing Ti Leaves, Writings by Multicultural Women24957.95
Yamada, SadamiComplete Sumi-e Techniques13312.95
Yamaguchi, JackThis Was Minidoka203522.95
Yamamoto, HisayeSeventeen Syllables162621.95
Yamamoto, HisayeSeventeen Syllables and other stories152711.95
Yamanaka, Lois-AnnSaturday Night a the Pahala Theatre25498
Yamanaka, NorioBook of Kimono, The - The Complete Guide to Style and Wear46825
Yamashita, KarenBrazil-Maru203719.95
Yamashita, Karen TeiThrough the Arc of the Rain Forest169511.95
Yamauchi, WakakoSongs My Mother Taught Me (HB)228435
Yamauchi, WakakoSongs My Mother Taught Me (pb)228314.95
Yamazaki, JamesChildren of the Atomic Bomb246916.95
YanagisakoTransforming the Past: Tradition and Kinship Among Japanese Americans172339.95
Yanagisako, Sylvia JunkoTransforming the Past, Tradition and Kinship Among Japanese Americans203313.95
Yashima, Mitsu & TaroMomo's Kitten18184.95
Yashima, TaroUmbrella19924.99
Yashima, TaroUmbrella (HB)203815.99
Yasui, Robert S.Yasui Family of Hood River, Oregon143810.95
Yee, PaulGhost Train252715.95
Yee, PaulSaltwater City, An Illustrated History of the Chinese in Vancouver155739.95
Yee, PaulTales from Gold Mountain176415.95
Yep, LauenceCurse of the Squirrel17131.95
Yep, LaurenceBoy Who Swallowed Snakes244914.95
Yep, LaurenceChild of the Owl (PB)13393.95
Yep, LaurenceCity of Dragons (PB)26374.99
Yep, LaurenceDragon Cauldron179719.95
Yep, LaurenceDragon Steel(PB)17155.95
Yep, LaurenceDragon War200915
Yep, LaurenceDragon War (PB)25545.95
Yep, LaurenceDragon of the Lost Sea (PB)14964.95
Yep, LaurenceDragon's Cauldron (PB)25535.95
Yep, LaurenceDragon's Gate248615
Yep, LaurenceDragon's Gate (PB)26204.95
Yep, LaurenceDragonwings (HB)133316.95
Yep, LaurenceDragonwings (PB)944.95
Yep, LaurenceHiroshima24389.95
Yep, LaurenceHiroshima (PB)26442.99
Yep, LaurenceKhan's Daughter, The255716.95
Yep, LaurenceLater, Gator245613.95
Yep, LaurenceLost Garden (PB)26324.95
Yep, LaurenceLost Garden, The180712.95
Yep, LaurenceMan Who Tricked a Ghost215315.95
Yep, LaurenceRainbow People (PB)25984.95
Yep, LaurenceRainbow People(HB)159419.95
Yep, LaurenceShell Woman & the King (HB)216916.95
Yep, LaurenceStar Fisher177112.95
Yep, LaurenceStar Fisher (PB)20263.99
Yep, LaurenceStar Trek - Shadow Lord17144.95
Yep, LaurenceSweetwater (PB)963.95
Yep, LaurenceTheif of Hearts (PB)26144.95
Yep, LaurenceTongues of Jade192914.95
Yep, Laurence, EditorAmerican Dragons, Twenty Five Asian American Voices25764.95
Yin, ChamroeumIn My Heart I Am a Dancer253212.95
Yogi, StanHighway 99, a literary journey through California's Great Central Valley254816
Yoneda, Karl G.Ganbatte49210.95
Yoneji, NorikoHiragana for Fun47813.95
Yoneji. HirokoKatakana for Fun170513.95
Yoshida, GeorgeReminiscing in Swingtime261329
Yoshikawa, EijiMusashi169335
Yoshikawa, EijiTaiko, a novel225830
Yoshimoto, BananaKitchen (HB)214514.95
Youg-kols, Kim & Mark MuellerBrave Hong Kil-dong & Man Who Bought Shade of a Tree19577.95
Young, EdLon Po Po,A Red Riding Hood Story from China157915.95
Young, EdMouse Match263520
Young, EdRed Thread (HB)215014.95
Yu, Connie YoungProfiles in Excellence, Peninsula Chinese Americans15239.95
Yu, RenqiuTo Save China, To Save Ourselves206839.95
Yumoto, John M.Samurai Sword, A Handbook26421.95
Yun, GraceIntergroup Cooperation In The Cities (PB)217829
Yung, JudyChinese Women of America (PB)126116.95

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