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LEXUS & Manat Chitakasem & David SmythHippocrene Handy Dictionary-Thai18636.95
Lai, Him Mark, Genny Lim, Judy YoungIsland, Poetry and History of Chinese Immigrants on Angel Island 1910-1940126416.95
Lamphere, LouiseNewcomers In The Workplace (HB)222444.95
Lamphere, LouiseNewcomers In The Workplace (PB)222519.95
Lau, AlanSongs for Jadina2236.95
Laurence, YepAmerican Dragons (HB)215916
Laurence, YepButterfly Boy (HB)214816
Lay, GraemeMotu Tapu, Stories of the South Pacific190419.95
Laygo, Teresita MWell of Time, 18 Short Stories from Philippine contemporary Literature19310.75
Le-BaKhanh & Le-Ba-KongVietnamese/English Dictionary189519.95
Lebra, Takie SugiyamaJapanese Patterns of Behavior70615.95
Lebra, Takie Sugiyama & William P.Japanese Culture and Behavior, selected readings25618.95
Lee, Bennett and Jim Wong-ChuMany-Mouthed Birds201726.95
Lee, Chang-RaeNative Speaker247822.95
Lee, GusChina Boy230410.95
Lee, GusChina Boy (PB)202711.95
Lee, GusHonor and Duty223824
Lee, Helen MaeMy Grandfather and Me121611.95
Lee, Huy VounAt The Beach253114.95
Lee, Huy VounIn the Snow248315.95
Lee, Joann FaungAsian American Experience (PB)201611.95
Lee, Marie G.Finding My Voice199813.95
Lee, Marie G.Finding My Voice PB24213.99
Lee, Marie G.If It Hadn't Been For Yoon Jun25563.99
Lee, Marie G.If it Hadn't Been for Yoon Jun208513.95
Lee, Marie G.Necessary Roughness (PB)26334.95
Lee, Marie G.Saying Goodbye (HB)241014.95
Lee, Mary PaikQuiet Odyssey, A Pioneer Korean Woman in America166514.95
Lee, MichaelLucky Seven248815.95
Lee, Peter HyunModern Korean Literature (PB)170918.95
Lee, RobertGuide to Chinese American Philanthropy186925
Lee, SkyDisappearing Moon cafe193018.95
Lee, Stacey J.Unraveling the "Model Minority" Stereotype, Listening to Asian American Youth253717.95
Lee, Wong HerbertEEK! There's A Mouse In The House228513.95
Leigh, WilliamBody Therapy:from Rolf to Feldenkrais to Tanouye Roshi156711.95
Leong, RussellCountry of Dreams and Dust22538.95
Leong, RussellMoving the Image: Independent Asian Pacific American Media Arts202319.95
Leung, Peter C YOne Day, One Dollar, Locke, California and the Chinese Farming Experience in the Sacramento Delta14029.95
Levine, EllenA Fence Away From Freedom, Japanese Americans and World War II249818.95
Lew, JudyQuick & Easy Enjoy Chinese Cuisine47918.95
Lew, Walter K., EditorPremonitions, The Kaya Anthology of New Asian North American Poetry254422.95
Light, Ivan and Edna BonacichImmigrant Enterpreneurs, Koreans in Los Angeles, 1965-82160958.95
Lim and LingReading the Literatures of Asian America (HB)207044.95
Lim and LingReading the Literatures of Asian America (PB)207119.95
Lim, ChristinaIn the Shadow of the Tiger (HB)217732
Lim, GennyPaper Angels/Bitter Cane25458.95
Lim, GennyWinter Place17748
Lim, Shirley Geok-linApproaches to Teaching Kingston's The Woman Warrior203921.95
Lim,Shirley Geok-lin,Mayumi Tsutakawa,M Donnelly,Forbidden Stitch (pb), An Asian American Women's Anthology151616.95
Lind, AndrewHawaii's People2875.95
Ling, AmyBetween Worlds, Women Writers of Chinese Ancestry175417.95
Lisa, W. NikolaBein' with You This Way (hb)244514.95
Lisa, W. NikolaBein' with You This Way (pb)24465.95
Livo, Norma & Dia ChaFolk Stories of the Hmong People of Laos, Thailand & Vietnam192025.5
Loh, MoragTucking Mommy In (PB)22645.95
Loo, Chalsa M.Chinatown, Most Time, Hard Time202455
Loughery, JohnFirst Sightings (PB)219711.95
Louie, Ai-LingYeh Shen, (PB)A Cinderlaa Story from China25975.95
Louie, David WongPangs of Love184219
Louie, David WongPangs of Love (PB)20289
Lovejoy, PamelaI'm Chinese-American Flip Book23427.98
Lovejoy, PamelaYear of the Dragon Flip Book23417.98
Low, VictorUnimpressable Race, The, A Century of Educational Struggle by the Chinese in San Francisco30910.95
Lowe, LisaImmigrant Acts (HB)256849.95
Lowe, LisaImmigrant Acts(PB)256716.95
Lucas, AliceKuwenton Bayan Teacher's Guide25045
Lucas, AliceKuwentong Bayan Cassette Tapes250515
Lucas, AliceKuwentong Bayan, Folk Stories From the Philippines HB250218.95
Lucas, AliceKuwentong Bayan, Folk Stories From the Philippines PB250312.95
Lue VangGrandmother's Path, Grandfather's Way149714.95
Lueras, LeonardKanyaku Imin: A 100 Years of Japanese Life in Hawaii133720.95
Lum, Arlene, ed.Sailing for the Sun, the Chinese in Hawaii, 1789-1989187039.95
Lum, DarrellGolden Slipper (pb)24873.95
Lum, Darrell H.Y.Sun - Short Stories & Drama19515
Lydon, SandyChinese Gold (PB)117524.95

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