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CHIN, STEVEN A.Dragon Parade20574.95
CHIN, STEVEN A.When Justice Failed, the Fred Korematsu Story20566.95
Caldwell, HelenMichio Ito, The Dancer and His Dances52515.95
Cao, Lan and Himilee NovasEverything You Need to Know About Asian American History (PB)261812.95
Caplan, Nathan,John K Whitemore & Marcella H ChoyBoat People and Achievement in America, A Study of Family Life, Hard Work, and Cultural Values160835.95
Carlson, LoriAmerican Eyes245514.95
Carpenter, FrancesTales of a Chinese Grandmother14998.95
Carpenter, FrancesTales of a Korean Grandmother8189.95
Carroll, Dr. Jeri A.Thematic Units, a multicultural guide for young children227812.95
Carter, Deborah J., Reginald WilsonMinorities in Higher Education257024.95
Cerenio, VirginiaTrespassing Innocence17769.95
Cha, DiaDia's Story Cloth (HB)259215.95
Cha, Theresa Hak KyungDictee239912.95
Cha, Theresa Hak KyungWriting Self Writing Nation240012.95
Chai, May-LeeMy Lucky Face257723
Chan, SuchengAsian Americans: An Interpretive History(PB)178112.95
Chan, SuchengAsian Californians179111.95
Chan, SuchengEntry Denied224022.95
Chan, SuchengEntry Denied - Exclusion and the Chinese Community in America, 1882-1943178749.95
Chan, SuchengHmong Means Free (HB)222044.95
Chan, SuchengHmong Means Free (PB)222116.95
Chan, SuchengThis Bittersweet Soil (pb)165619.95
Chan, Sucheng, ed.Income & Status Difference Between White & Minority Americans, a Persistent Inequality189199.95
Chang, DianaFrontiers of Love223614.95
Chang, Dr. Stephen ThomasComplete Book of Acupuncture14299.95
Chang, Gordon H.Morning Glory, Evening Shadow, Yamamto Ichihashi and His Internment Writings, 1942-1945258045
Chang, JungWild Swans: Three Daughters of China19340
Chang, MonicaMouse Bride, C/E239116.95
Chang, MonicaMouse Bride, Hm/E237216.95
Chang, MonicaMouse Bride, K/E238616.95
Chang, MonicaMouse Bride, Kh/E237316.95
Chang, MonicaMouse Bride, L/E237416.95
Chang, MonicaMouse Bride, Ta/E235616.95
Chang, MonicaMouse Bride, Th/E238016.95
Chang, MonicaMouse Bride, V/E239716.95
Chang, MonicaStory of the Chinese Zodiac, Hm/E236516.95
Chang, MonicaStory of the Chinese Zodiac, K/E238316.95
Chang, MonicaStory of the Chinese Zodiac, Kh/E236316.95
Chang, MonicaStory of the Chinese Zodiac, L/E236416.95
Chang, MonicaStory of the Chinese Zodiac, Ta/E235316.95
Chang, MonicaStory of the Chinese Zodiac, Th/E237716.95
Chang, MonicaStory of the Chinese Zodiac, V/E239416.95
Chang, ThelmaI Can Never Forget, Men of the 100th/442nd190034.95
Change, Pan-Mei NatashaBound Feet & Western Dress(HB)252022.95
Chemroum, SotheaDara's Cambodian New Year (with cassette)262116.5
Chen, JaneyPractical English-Chinese Pronouncing Dictionary23629.95
Cheung, C.P. et alSpecial Chinese Birthday, TG9469.95
Cheung, King-KokArticulate Silences (HB)222642.95
Cheung, King-KokArticulate Silences (PB)222718.95
Chiba, ReikoJapanese Fortune Calendar147517.95
Chiemruom, SotheaDara's Cambodian New Year23364.95
Chin, CharlieChina's Bravest Girl25266.95
Chin, CharlieChina's Bravest Girl, Legend of Hua Mu Lan (HB)217614.95
Chin, FrankChickencoop Chinaman, The Year of the Dragon14214.95
Chin, FrankChinaman Pacific & Frisco R.R. Co.151110.95
Chin, FrankDonald Duk178511.95
Chin, FrankGunga Din Highway251614.95
Chin, Frank, et alAiiieeeee!An Anthology of Asian American Writers19935.99
Chin, Frank, et. al.Big Aiiieeeee!, the History of Chinese American and Japanese American Literature184114.95
Chin, MarilynDwarf Bamboo17739.95
Chin, Marilyn and David Wong LouieDissident Song, A Contemporary Asian American Anthology202112
Chinn, KarenSam and the Lucky Money245014.95
Chinn, KarenSam and the Lucky Money (PB)25876.95
Chock, EricLast Days Here16906
Chock, EricPake Writings by Chinese in Hawaii16898
Chock, Eric & Darrell h y Lum, EditorsBest of Bamboo Ridge139510
Choi, Sook NyulHalmoni and the Picnic (HB)214714.95
Choi, Sook NyulYear of Impossible Goodbyes191313.95
Choi, Sook NyulYears of Impossible Goodbyes (PB)20613.5
Chu, Lawrence C. C.Chef Chu's Distinctive Cuisine of China43623.95
Chung-shil, ShimKorean Recipes92113.95
Chuong, Chung HoangAmerasians from Vietnam : A California Study225710.95
Cleeland, Holulani`Olelo `Oiwi, Ke Puke A`o `Olelo Hawai`i (PB)260524.95
Climo, ShirleyKorean Cinderella (HB)213115
Coerr, EleanorMieko & the Fifth Treasure(pb)24113.5
Coerr, EleanorMieko and the Fifth Treasure HB250113.95
Coerr, EleanorSadako and the Thousand Paper Cranes (HB)154217.95
Coerr, EleanorSadako and the Thousand Paper Cranes (PB)1023.5
Cohen, BarbaraVietnam Guidebook170119.95
Coi, Sook NyulEchoes of the White Giraffe (PB)25553.5
Compton, Patricia A.Terrible Eek, The191714.95
Conrat, Maisie & RichardExecutive Order 9066 - the Internment of 110,000 Japanese Americans199013.95
Constantino, ErnestIlokano Dictionary53531.95
Cooper, George and Gavan DawsLand and Power in Hawaii114215.95
Cordova, FredFilipinos: Forgotten Asian Americans18918.95
Cortes, Carlos et alBeyond Language: Social & Cultural Factors in Schooling Language Minority Students120631.95
Corum, AnnEthnic Foods of Hawai'i12789.95
Corum, Ann KondoHawaii's Spam Cookbook15147.95
Crew, LindaChildren of the River(PB)20314.5
Criddle, Joan D.Bamboo & Butterflies, from Refugees to Citizens197212.95
Criddle, Joan D. & Teeda Butt MamTo Destroy You is no Loss, the Odyssey of a Cambodian Family197316.95
Cui Mingqiu and Steven Wm. FowlesWisdom of the Chinese Proverb with English Proverb Equivalents20449.95

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