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A Bridge Between Us (HB)Shigekuni, Julie241418.95
A Community Secret, For the Filipina in an abusive relationshipAgtuca, Jacqueline R.22595.95
A Fence Away From Freedom, Japanese Americans and World War IILevine, Ellen249818.95
A Heart in Politics, Jeanette Rankin and Patsy T. MinkDavidson, Sue23019.95
A MagazineThe Asian American Quarterly21222.95
A Place Called Chinese AmericaMark, Diane Mei Lin221725.95
A River Dream (PB)Say, Allen21414.95
A Simplified Dictionary of Modern TonganTu'inukuafe210130
A Small Party in a GardenTy-Casper, Linda18147.95
A Taste of Earth, and Other Legends of VitenamThich Nhat Hanh254114
A is for AlohaFeeney, Stephanie12279.95
APA Journal
Aani and the Tree HuggersAtkins, Jeannine245114.95
Abacus & Case
Abadeha, the Philippine CinderellaPaz, Myrna J. de la233812.95
Acupressure Way of Health: Jin Shin DoTeeguarden, Iona Marsaa100813.95
Adjustment Experienc(HB) Chinese Immigrant Children in New York CitySung, Betty Lee157324.95
Adventures of the One Inch Boy (Issun Boshi)(hb)Okawa, Essei109512.95
Aekyung's Dream, ST, K/EPaek, Min57214.95
Aiiieeeee!An Anthology of Asian American WritersChin, Frank, et al19935.99
Alcupulco at Sunset and other StoriesBrainard, Cecilia260922.95
Alien Place, the Fort Missoula, Montana Detention Camp, 1941-1944Van Valkenburg, Carol261110.95
AlisonSay, Allen258617
All I Asking For Is My BodyMurayama, Milton1749.95
All Romanized English-Japanese DictionaryHyojun, Kai, Romaji24410.95
All the Colors of the EarthHamanaka, Sheila228115
AmacheNakashima, Tyler234312
Amerasians from Vietnam : A California StudyChuong, Chung Hoang225710.95
America Street (PB)Mazer, Anne21884.95
America is in the HeartBulosan, Carlos18713.95
American Dragons (HB)Laurence, Yep215916
American Dragons, Twenty Five Asian American VoicesYep, Laurence, Editor25764.95
American EyesCarlson, Lori245514.95
American KneesWong, Shawn249921
American Patriots, MIS the War Against JapanFalk, Stanley246011.95
American Visa, (PB) Short Stories by Wang PingWang, Ping251511.95
Americanization, Acculturation, and Ethnic Identity (PB)Tamura, Eileen H.216519.95
Americanization, Acculturation, and Ethnic Identity: Nisei generation in HawaiiTamura, Eileen H.216449.95
An Easy-Access Dictionary of 5,000 Chinese CharactersGo, Ping-Gam249017.95
An Ocean Between Us (hb)Iritani, Evelyn240623
And the View from the Shore, Literary Traditions of HawaiiSumida, Stephen186730
Angel Child, Dragon ChildSurat, Michele Maria19143.95
Angry Days (PB)Foster, Sesshu22775.95
Animal Coloring Book, E/J-J/ENishimura, Kelly & Teri N. Fujikawa16035.95
Animal Origami for the Enthusiast, Step-by-step Instructions in Over 900 DiagramsMontroll, John14896.95
Anti-Chinese Movement in CaliforniaSandmeyer, Elmer Clarence18719.95
Approaches to Teaching Kingston's The Woman WarriorLim, Shirley Geok-lin203921.95
April and the Dragon LadyNamioka, Lensey252810.95
April and the Dragon Lady(PB)Namioka, Lensey25293.95
Articulate Silences (HB)Cheung, King-Kok222642.95
Articulate Silences (PB)Cheung, King-Kok222718.95
Asian America (PB),Chinese and Japanese in the United States since 1850Daniels, Roger189917.5
Asian America, Chinese and Japanese in the United States since 1850Daniels, Roger155829.95
Asian American Comic BookAsian American Research Workshop18848
Asian American Educational ExperienceNakanishi, Don T.248018.95
Asian American Experience (PB)Lee, Joann Faung201611.95
Asian American Literature (PB), An Introduction to the Writings and Their Social ContextKim, Elaine H.103318.95
Asian American MovementWei, William206744.95
Asian American Movement (PB)Wei, William222820.95
Asian American PanethnicityEspiritu, Yen Le206939.95
Asian American Panethnicity (PB)Espiritu, Yen Le222920.95
Asian American Sexualities, Dimensions of the Gay & Lesbian experienceRussell, Leong248117.95
Asian Americans, Comparative & Global PerspectivesEndo, Russell, et. al., eds.186640
Asian Americans, Emerging MinoritiesKitano, Harry H L & Roger Daniels142629.95
Asian Americans, Personality Patterns, Identity, and Mental Health (HB)Uba, Laura226935.95
Asian Americans: An Interpretive History(PB)Chan, Sucheng178112.95
Asian Americans: Changing Patterns, Changing NeedsKim, Bok Lim28316.95
Asian CaliforniansChan, Sucheng179111.95
At The BeachLee, Huy Voun253114.95

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