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D Titles

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Dan Thuy's New Life In America (HB)O'Connor, Karen212817.5
Dance, Mice, Dance!, C/EKuang-ts'ai Hao238716.95
Dance, Mice, Dance!, Hm/EKuang-ts'ai Hao235716.95
Dance, Mice, Dance!, K/EKuang-ts'ai Hao238116.95
Dance, Mice, Dance!, Kh/EKuang-ts'ai Hao235816.96
Dance, Mice, Dance!, L/EKuang-ts'ai Hao235916.95
Dance, Mice, Dance!, Th/EKuang-ts'ai Hao237516.95
Dance, Mice, Dance!, V/EKuang-ts'ai Hao239216.95
Dance, Mice, Dance!,Ta/EKuang-ts'ai Hao235116.95
Dancing Kettle, and Other Japanese Folk TalesUchida, Yoshiko12258.95
Danger and BeautyHagedorn, Jessica208714
Dangerous MusicHadedorn, Jessica18889.95
Dara's Cambodian New YearChiemruom, Sothea23364.95
Dara's Cambodian New Year (with cassette)Chemroum, Sothea262116.5
Death of Long Steam Lady and Other PiecesWong, Nellie12076.95
Decision to Relocate the Japanese AmericansDaniels, Roger33214.95
Democracy and Race, Asian Americans and World War IITakaki, Ronald242919.95
Desert Exile (PB)Uchida, Yoshiko106014.95
Desert Run Poems and StoriesYamada, Mitsuye15287.95
DiSorient, an Asian Pacific American Literary Arts Journalzine
Dia's Story Cloth (HB)Cha, Dia259215.95
DicteeCha, Theresa Hak Kyung239912.95
Different Mirror (PB), ATakaki, Ronald246713.95
Different Mirror, A History of Multicultural AmericaTakaki, Ronald212527.95
Disappearing Moon cafeLee, Sky193018.95
Discover Japan,(Vol 1), Words, Customs, and ConceptsJapan Culture Institue15685.95
Discover Japan,(Vol 2) Words, Customs and ConceptsJapan Culture Institue15695.95
Discrimination: Chinese American Struggle for Equality (HB)Ng, Franklin212029.95
Discrimination: Japanese Americans Struggle for Equality (HB)Hirabayashi, Liane211929.95
Dissident Song, A Contemporary Asian American AnthologyChin, Marilyn and David Wong Louie202112
DogeatersHagedorn, Jessica181710
Donald DukChin, Frank178511.95
Dr. Han's Yut Game
Dragon CauldronYep, Laurence179719.95
Dragon ParadeCHIN, STEVEN A.20574.95
Dragon Steel(PB)Yep, Laurence17155.95
Dragon WarYep, Laurence200915
Dragon War (PB)Yep, Laurence25545.95
Dragon of the Lost Sea (PB)Yep, Laurence14964.95
Dragon's Cauldron (PB)Yep, Laurence25535.95
Dragon's GateYep, Laurence248615
Dragon's Gate (PB)Yep, Laurence26204.95
Dragonwings (HB)Yep, Laurence133316.95
Dragonwings (PB)Yep, Laurence944.95
Drawing the Line, Poems by Lawson Fusao InadaInada, Lawson Fusao254712.95
Dreams of Two Yi-minPai, Margaret K.154422.95
Due Process, Americans of Japanese Ancestry and the United States ConstitutionNJAHS259422
Dumpling SoupRattigan, Jama Kim228015.95
Dwarf BambooChin, Marilyn17739.95

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