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F Titles

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FACE, A Beautiful Women's Magazine
FILIpino Word Book and cassetteRamos, Teresita199616.95
Face in the MirrorWartski, Maureen24023.99
Faithful Daughter & Little Frog Who Never ListenedVorhees, Duance & Mark Meuller19587.95
Famous Asian AmericansMorey, Janet Nomura & Wendy Dunn191016
Farewell to Manzanar(pb)Houston, Jeanne W. and James1614.5
Fax to da Max
Fiction by Filipinos in America, a comprehensive anthology of 23 storiesBrainard, Cecilia Manguerra221816.95
Fifth Chinese DaughterWong, Jade Snow155612.95
Filipino American Architexture, Design, & Planning IssuesUbalde, Anatalio C.254615
Filipino Wordbook SetRamos, Teresita232916.95
Filipinos In America (HB)Winter, Frank H.213315.95
Filipinos: Forgotten Asian AmericansCordova, Fred18918.95
Finding My VoiceLee, Marie G.199813.95
Finding My Voice PBLee, Marie G.24213.99
First Sightings (PB)Loughery, John219711.95
First Suburban ChinatownFong, Timothy P.222344.95
Fish Head Soup and Other Plays(PB)Gotanda, Phillip256919.95
Fisherman and the Grateful Turtle (Urashima Taro)(hb)Okawa, Essei109612.95
Five Years on a RockMurayama, Milton22919.95
Flash Cards & Labels, C/EHan, Mieko7572
Flash Cards & Labels, Ca/EHan, Mieko59572
Flash Cards & Labels, J/E
Flash Cards & Labels, K/EHan, Mieko57372
Flash Cards & Labels, L/EHan, Mieko59672
Flash Cards & Labels, V/EHan, Mieko58272
Floating World (PB)Kadohata, Cynthia19424.95
Folk Stories of the Hmong People of Laos, Thailand & VietnamLivo, Norma & Dia Cha192025.5
Folk Tales From Asia Bk 1UNESCO19658.95
Folk Tales From Asia, Bk 2UNESCO18258.95
Folk Tales From Asia, Bk 3UNESCO18268.95
Folk Tales From Asia, Bk 5Asian Cultural Centre/UNESCO18208.5
Folk Tales From Asia, Bk 6Asian Cultural Centre/UNCESCO18218.5
Folk Tales for Children, A Magic Cross-Bow and other storiesDien, Tran Van21038.95
Folk Tales for Children, The Bird Named Bim Bip and Other StoriesDien, Tran Van & Winabell Gritter17848.95
Folk Tales for Children, The Bridge of Reunion and other storiesDien, Tran Van21048.95
Folk Tales for Children, The North Wind and the Sun and other StoriesTran Van Dien17348.95
Folk Tales for Children, The Raven and the Star Fruit Tree and other StoriesTran Van Dien17358.95
Folk Tales from KoreaZong In-Sob128420.95
Foo, a Japanese-American Prisoner of the Rising SunFalk, Stanley L.208824.5
Forbidden Stitch (pb), An Asian American Women's AnthologyLim,Shirley Geok-lin,Mayumi Tsutakawa,M Donnelly,151616.95
Foreign Devil(HB)Ping, Wang252121.95
Fortress in the PlazaTy-Casper, Linda18128.95
Four Dragons GuidebookKaplan, Frederick, et.al.185918.95
From Different Shores, Perspectives on Race and Ethnicity in AmericaTakaki, Ronald150723.95
From Exiles to Immigrants, The Refugees from Southeast AsiaTakaki, Ronald242618.95
From the Lanai and Other Hawaiian StoriesSaiki, Jessica255010.95
From the Land of Morning Calm, The Koreans in AmericaTakaki, Ronald242418.95
Frontiers of Asian American Studies(HB)Nomura, Gail M, Russell Endo, Stephen H Sumida &158829.95
Frontiers of Asian American Studies(PB)Nomura, Gail et al158723.95
Frontiers of LoveChang, Diana223614.95

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