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Land I Lost,(PB) Adventures of a Boy in VietnamNhuong, Huynh Quang13183.95
Land Without Ghosts, Chinese Impressions of America from the Mid-Nineteenth Century to the PresentArkuch, R David and Leo O Lee161032.5
Land and Power in HawaiiCooper, George and Gavan Daws114215.95
Language in Vietnamese SocietyNguyen Dinh-Hoa198120.95
Lao for Beginners, An Introduction to the Spoken and Written Language of LaosHoshino and Marcus53316.95
Last Days HereChock, Eric16906
Later, GatorYep, Laurence245613.95
Lazy Man & Spring of YouthVorhees, Duance & Mark Meuller19607.95
Learning About Peoples and Cultures (TG)Fersh, Seymour15767.95
Learning About Peoples and Cultures (st)Fersh, Seymour157515.95
Lee Ann, the Story of a Vietnamese Girl (HB)Thai, Ted234814.95
Legacy Of Injustice, Exploring the Cross-Generational Impact of the Japanese American InternmentNagata, Donna K.224639.5
Legends from CampInada, Lawson Fusao208211.95
Let's Color Korea, Traditional GamesMueller, Mark16587.95
Let's Color Korea, Traditional LifestylesHan, Suzanne Crowder16577.95
Let's Go Downtown, ST, Ca/EHan, Mieko493.95
Let's Go Downtown, ST, J/EHan, Mieko6573.95
Let's Go Downtown, ST, L/EHan, Mieko6603.95
Let's Go Downtown, ST, V/EHan, Mieko6593.95
Let's Go Downtown, TG, C/EHan, Mieko9689.95
Let's Go Downtown, TG, Ca/EHan, Mieko9719.95
Let's Go Downtown, TG, K/EHan, Mieko9699.95
Let's Go Downtown, TG, L/EHan, Mieko9729.95
Let's Go Downtown, TG, V/EHan, Mieko9709.95
Let's Learn Hiragana, First Book of Basic Japanese WritingMitamura, Yasuko Kosaka132713
Let's Learn Japanese, picture dictionaryEditors of Passport books214214.95
Let's Learn Katakana, Second Book of Basic Japanese WritingMitamura, Yasuko Kosaka132813
Let's Speak IlokanoEspiritu, Precy147119.95
Lily and the Wooden BowlSchroeder, Alan245214.95
Lion Dancer, Ernie Wan's Chinese New YearWaters, Kate and Madeline Slovenz-low17983.95
Listen & Learn Japanese (1)
Little Weaver of Thai Yen VillageTran-Khanh-Tuyet123613.95
Lives of Notable Asian Americans, Arts, Entertainment & sportsGan, Geraldine243318.95
Lives of Notable Asian Americans, Business, Politics & ScienceRagaza, Angelo243418.95
Lives of Notable Asian Americans, Literature and Education
Lon Po Po,A Red Riding Hood Story from ChinaYoung, Ed157915.95
Long is a DragonGoldstein, Peggy179017.95
Longtime Californ' (PB): A Documentary Study of an American ChinatownNee, Brett De Bary and Victor G.120215.95
Loom & Other Stories, TheSasaki, R.A.193610
Lost Garden (PB)Yep, Laurence26324.95
Lost Garden, TheYep, Laurence180712.95
Lost LakeSay, Allen175814.95
Lost Years, The, 1942-1946Embrey, Sue Kunitomi7156.95
Lotus LoversTsu Yeh & Li Ch'ing-Chao171911.95
Love in ActionThich Nhat Hanh254213.5
Loyal Cat, TheNamioka, Lensey253015
Lucky Come HawaiiShirota, Jon163912.95
Lucky SevenLee, Michael248815.95

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