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E Titles

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EEK! There's A Mouse In The HouseLee, Wong Herbert228513.95
Early Japanese Immigrants in HawaiiSaiki, Patsy Sumie220312
Easy Thai, An Introduction to the Thai LanguageAllison, Gordon H.53912.95
Echoes of the White Giraffe (PB)Coi, Sook Nyul25553.5
Economic Basis of Ethnic Solidarity, Small Business in the Japanese American CommunityBonacich, Edna & Modell, John76124.95
El ChinoSay, Allen177014.95
Ellison S. Onizuka, A RememberanceOgawa, Dennis M. and Glen Grant122324.95
Emerging Generations of Korean-AmericansKwon, Ho-Youn244315.95
Emma's RugSay, Allen255216.95
Emperor and the Nightingale, C/EKuang-ts'ai Hao239016.95
Emperor and the Nightingale, Hm/EKuang-ts'ai Hao236616.95
Emperor and the Nightingale, K/EKuang-ts'ai Hao238416.95
Emperor and the Nightingale, Kh/EKuang-ts'ai Hao236716.95
Emperor and the Nightingale, L/EHuang-ts'ai Hao236816.95
Emperor and the Nightingale, Ta/EKuang-ts'ai Hao235416.95
Emperor and the Nightingale, Th/EKuang-ts'ai Hao237816.95
Emperor and the Nightingale, V/EKuang-ts'ai Hao239516.95
EnGendering Visions: Roles, Reversals, and Revolutions Vol 2/No 2BOOKn Pacific American Journal220210
English Korean DictionaryUnderwood, Joan V.7806.95
English and Chinese, Book 1Han, Mieko5977.95
English and Chinese, Book 2Han, Mieko5987.95
English and Chinese, Book 3Han, Mieko5997.95
English and Chinese, Book 4Han, Mieko16127.95
English and Chinese, Book 5Han, Mieko6017.95
English and Early America, ST, C/EHan, Mieko686.95
English and Early America, ST, Ca/E
English and Early America, ST, J/EHan, Mieko6667.95
English and Early America, ST, K/EHan, Mieko6677.95
English and Early America, ST, L/EHan, Mieko6697.95
English and Early America, ST, V/EHan, Mieko6687.95
English and Early America, TG, C/EHan, Mieko9849.95
English and Early America, TG, J/EHan, Mieko9859.95
English and Early America, TG, K/EHan, Mieko9869.95
English and Early America, TG, L/EHan, Mieko9889.95
English and Early America, TG, V/EHan, Mieko9879.95
English and Japanese, Book 1Han, Mieko6027.95
English and Japanese, Book 2Han, Mieko6037.95
English and Japanese, Book 3Han, Mieko6047.95
English and Japanese, Book 4Han, Mieko6057.95
English and Japanese, Book 5Han, Mieko6067.95
English and Korean, Book 1Han, Mieko6097.95
English and Korean, Book 2Han, Mieko6107.95
English and Korean, Book 3Han, Mieko6117.95
English and Korean, Book 4Han, Mieko6127.95
English and Korean, Book 5Han, Mieko6137.95
English and Lao, Book 1Han, Mieko6197.95
English and Lao, Book 2Han, Mieko6207.95
English and Lao, Book 3Han, Mieko6217.95
English and Lao, Book 4Han, Mieko6227.95
English and Lao, Book 5Han, Mieko6237.95
English and Vietnamese, Book 1Han, Mieko6147.95
English and Vietnamese, Book 2Han, Mieko6157.95
English and Vietnamese, Book 3Han, Mieko6167.95
English and Vietnamese, Book 4Han, Mieko6177.95
English and Vietnamese, Book 5Han, Mieko6187.95
English-Lao, Lao-English DictionaryMarcus, Russell55516.95
Entry DeniedChan, Sucheng224022.95
Entry Denied - Exclusion and the Chinese Community in America, 1882-1943Chan, Sucheng178749.95
Epitaph for a Peach (PB)Masumoto, David Mas258412
Epitaph for a Peach, four seasons on my family farmMasumoto, David Mas247420
Ethnic Business Enterprise: Korean Small Business in AtlantaMin, Pyong Gap252324.95
Ethnic Foods of Hawai'iCorum, Ann12789.95
Ethnic Islands: The Emergence of Urban Chinese AmericaTakaki, Ronald242318.95
Ethnic Lao-Who Are They?Moore-Howard, Patricia201012.95
Evacuation Diary of Hatsuye EgamiGorfinkel, Claire248412.95
Evacuation NoticeAACP2195
Everything You Need to Know About Asian American History (PB)Cao, Lan and Himilee Novas261812.95
Executive Order 9066 - the Internment of 110,000 Japanese AmericansConrat, Maisie & Richard199013.95
Exile Within, the Schooling of Japanese Ameriicans 1942-1945James, Thomas138337.95
Exploring California, ST, C/EHan, Mieko647.95
Exploring California, ST, J/EHan, Mieko5808.95
Exploring California, ST, K/EHan, Mieko5647.95
Exploring California, ST, V/EHan, Mieko697.95
Exploring California, TG, C/EHan, Mieko9739.95
Exploring California, TG, J/EHan, Mieko9749.95
Exploring California, TG, K/EHan, Mieko9759.95
Exploring California, TG, V/EHan, Mieko9769.95
Expounding the Doubtful PointsWing Tek Lum13947.95

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