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B Titles

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Balikbayan, a Filipino HomecomingSkinner, Michelle Cruz185110.95
Bamboo & Butterflies, from Refugees to CitizensCriddle, Joan D.197212.95
Bamboo Ridge - The Hawaiian Writers' Quarterly-Fall 1989
Bamboo Ridge - Winter 1990Hawaii Writers16923
Bananaheart and other storiesHara, Marie22908
Barefoot Gen, A Cartoon Story of HiroshimaNakazawa, Keiji82014.95
Barefoot Gen: Life After the BombNakazawa, Keiji154811.95
Barefoot Gen: The Day AfterNakazawa. Keiji15479.95
Baseball Saved Us (HB)Mochizuki, Ken209815.95
Baseball Saved Us (pb)Mochizuki, Ken24705.95
Beginning, and Other Asian Folk TalesBejarano, Valorie Slaughter249714.95
Bein' with You This Way (hb)Lisa, W. Nikola244514.95
Bein' with You This Way (pb)Lisa, W. Nikola24465.95
Best Bad Thing (HB), TheUchida, Yoshiko23211.95
Best Bad Thing (PB)Uchida, Yoshiko12674.95
Best Loved Songs from JapanImoto, Yoko258912.95
Best of Bamboo RidgeChock, Eric & Darrell h y Lum, Editors139510
Between Worlds, Contemporary Asian American PlaysBerson Editor, Misha166413.95
Between Worlds, Women Writers of Chinese AncestryLing, Amy175417.95
Beyond Language: Social & Cultural Factors in Schooling Language Minority StudentsCortes, Carlos et al120631.95
Beyond Loyalty: The Story of a KibeiKiyota, Minoru262624.95
Beyond the Killing Fields(pb)Welaratna, Usha215720.95
Beyond the Killing Fields, voices of nine Cambodian Survivors in AmericaWelaratna, Usha221229.95
Big Aiiieeeee!, the History of Chinese American and Japanese American LiteratureChin, Frank, et. al.184114.95
Big Book for PeaceDurrell, Ann, Marilyn Sachs, Editors176817.5
Bill of Rights and the Japanese American WWII Experience (TG)National Japanese Historical Society, SF220610
Bitter Melon, Stories from the Last Rural Chinese Town in AmericaGillenkirk, Jeff and James Motlow138120.95
Bitter Winds, A memoir of my years in China's GulagWu, Harry248214.95
Blue Jay In The DesertShigekawa, Marlene211412.95
Boat People and Achievement in America, A Study of Family Life, Hard Work, and Cultural ValuesCaplan, Nathan,John K Whitemore & Marcella H Choy160835.95
Boat to Nowhere, AWartski, Maureen Crane17614.99
Body Therapy:from Rolf to Feldenkrais to Tanouye RoshiLeigh, William156711.95
Bone (HB)Ng, Fae Myenne214419.95
Bone (pb)Ng, Fae Myenne230311
Book of 1,000 Characters, The-Nhat Thien TuNguyen Dihn-Hoa198213.95
Book of Kimono, The - The Complete Guide to Style and WearYamanaka, Norio46825
Book of Macrobiotics, The Universal Way of Health and HappinessKushi, Michio48612.95
Book of Miso, TheShurtleff, William & Akiko Aoyagi196711.99
Book of SoybeansWatanabe, Tokuji & Kishi, Asako68215.95
Book of Sushi, TheOmae, Kinjiro & Tachibana, Yuzuru48416.5
Book of Tofu, Food for MankindShurtleff, William & Aoyagi, Akiko77115.95
Born to Skate: The Michelle Kwan StoryEpstein, Edward Z.26175.99
Bound Feet & Western Dress(HB)Change, Pan-Mei Natasha252022.95
Boy Who Swallowed SnakesYep, Laurence244914.95
Boyhood to WarMatsuo, Dorothy221535
BraceletUchida, Yoshiko218115.95
Bracelet(pb), TheUchida, Yoshiko25255.95
Braided LivesMinnesota Humanities Commission201513.95
Brave Hong Kil-dong & Man Who Bought Shade of a TreeYoug-kols, Kim & Mark Mueller19577.95
Brazil-MaruYamashita, Karen203719.95
Bread of SaltSantos, Bienvenito210714.95
Bread of Salt (HB)Santos, Bienvenito210630
Breaking Silence, An Anthology of Contemporary Asian American PoetsBruchac, Joseph13611.95
Breaking Silence, Asian Americans Today
Breaking the Silence (PB)Takezawa, Yasuko I256414.95
Bridge of LoveTsukano, John163639.95
Brocaded Slipper, And Other Vietnamese Tales (PB)Vuong, Lynnette Dyer26073.95
Brush Writing-Calligraphy Techniques for BeginnersKuiseko, Ryokushu146824
Buddha (HB)Demi263918.95
Buddha Stories (HB)Demi264016.95
Butterfly Boy (HB)Laurence, Yep214816

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