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M Titles

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Magic Crocodile and other Folktales from IndonesiaTerada, Alice245816.95
Magic Listening Cap, More Folk Tales from JapanUchida, Yoshiko338.95
Magic PurseUchida, Yoshiko214615.95
Magic Spring, a Korean Folk TaleNam, Rhee215815.95
Magic of Origami, TheGray, Alice & Kasahara, Kunihiko108015
Magical Starfruit TreeWang, Rosalind244814.95
Mah Jong Set
Mah Jong for BeginnersKanai, Shozo and Farrell, Margaret12410.95
Makana AlohaMcDonagh, Barbara S.244714.95
Making More Waves, New Writing by Asian American WomenKim, Elaine H., Lilia V Villanueva and AA United257318
Making Waves, An Anthology of Writings by and About Asian American Women(PB)Asian Women United161318.95
Making and Remaking Asian America Through Immigration Policy, 1850-1990Hing, Bill Ong211049.95
Making and Remaking Asian America Through Immigration Policy,1850-1990Hing, Bill Ong257921.95
Male Grief, A: Notes on Pornography & Addiction, an Essay by David MuraMura, David19054
Man Sei!, The Making of a Korean AmericanHyun, Peter119818.95
Man Who (Thought He) Looked Like Robert TaylorSantos, Bienvenido N16719.95
Man Who Tricked a GhostYep, Laurence215315.95
Many-Mouthed BirdsLee, Bennett and Jim Wong-Chu201726.95
Map of Japan
Marginal Sights (PB)Moy, James S.223412.95
Marginal Sights, staging the Chinese in AmericaMoy, James S.221629.95
Margins and Mainstreams (hb)Okihiro, Gary229625
Margins and Mainstreams (pb)Okihiro, Gary229512.95
Math in MotionPearl, Barbara234019.95
Matsuri Festival!:Japanese American Celebrations and ActivitiesAraki, Nancy K.& Jane Horii1059.95
Memory's Fictions, a Personal HistorySantos, Bienvenido N.225516.5
Michael Chang: Tennis ChampionDell, Pamela21403.95
Michelle Kwan, Heart of a Champion, an AutobiographyKwan, Michelle261514.95
Michelle Kwan, Skating Like the Wind (PB)Shaughnessey, Linda26166.95
Michio Ito, The Dancer and His DancesCaldwell, Helen52515.95
Mieko & the Fifth Treasure(pb)Coerr, Eleanor24113.5
Mieko and the Fifth Treasure HBCoerr, Eleanor250113.95
Migration, Social Change, and Health-A Samoan Community in Urban California (HB)Janes, Craig R.210237.5
Milkfish in Brackish Water, Filipino Christian Ministry in American contextVergara, Wenifredo B20417.95
Ministry in the Assembly and Relocation Centers of WWIISuzuki, Lester E.4939.95
Minorities in Higher EducationCarter, Deborah J., Reginald Wilson257024.95
Modern Abacus, an effective mathematical toolYabuki, Shinichi R.235014.95
Modern Chinese,(C) a Basic CoursePeking University115916.95
Modern Korean Literature (PB)Lee, Peter Hyun170918.95
Modern Readers Japanese English Character DictionaryNelson, Andrew N.52749.95
Modern Tagalog, Grammatical Explanations & Exercises for Non-Native SpeakersRamos, Teresita & Resty M. Cena186214.95
Momo's KittenYashima, Mitsu & Taro18184.95
MomotaroSuyeoka, George, Ruth Tabra196912.95
Monitored Peril (hb)Hamamoto, Darrell Y.244149.95
Monitored Peril (pb)Hamamoto, Darrell Y.244018.95
Monkey and the Crab (HB)Kani, Saru104012.95
Moon Bamboo, TheHanh, Thich Naht190712
Moonrabbit Review
Morning Glory, Evening Shadow, Yamamto Ichihashi and His Internment Writings, 1942-1945Chang, Gordon H.258045
Motu Tapu, Stories of the South PacificLay, Graeme190419.95
Mouse Bride, C/EChang, Monica239116.95
Mouse Bride, Hm/EChang, Monica237216.95
Mouse Bride, K/EChang, Monica238616.95
Mouse Bride, Kh/EChang, Monica237316.95
Mouse Bride, L/EChang, Monica237416.95
Mouse Bride, Ta/EChang, Monica235616.95
Mouse Bride, Th/EChang, Monica238016.95
Mouse Bride, V/EChang, Monica239716.95
Mouse MatchYoung, Ed263520
Moving the Image: Independent Asian Pacific American Media ArtsLeong, Russell202319.95
Mr. Moon and Miss Sun & Herdsman & WeaverVorhees, Duance & Mark Meuller19617.95
Mrs. Ma's Chinese CookbookMa, Nancy Chih43716.95
Mrs. Ma's Favorite Chinese RecipesMa, Nancy Chih4388.95
MusashiYoshikawa, Eiji169335
Mushrooms as Health FoodsMori, Kisaku4293.95
My Grandfather and MeLee, Helen Mae121611.95
My Lucky FaceChai, May-Lee257723
My Name is San HoPettit, Jayne192413.95
My Song Is BeautifulHoberman, Mary Ann240815.95
Myth or Reality: Adaptive Strategies of Asian Americans in California(PB)Trueba, Henry T.219834.95

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