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JACL in Quest of Justice, The History of the Japanese American Citizens LeagueHosokawa, Bill34315.5
Jan Ken Po - the World of Hawaii's Japanese AmericansOgawa, Dennis3618.95
Japanese Abacus, Its Use and TheoryKojima, Takashi1186.95
Japanese American Ethnicity, the Persistence of CommunityFujita, Stephen S. & David J. O'Brien187434
Japanese American Experience (HB)Sumida, Stephen S. & David J. O'Brien187534.95
Japanese American Experience (PB)Sumida, Stephen S. & David J. O'Brien187612.95
Japanese American Experience, a lesson in American historyJACL224115
Japanese American History, An A to Z reference from 1868 to the PresentNiiya, Brian224850
Japanese American Journey (HB) The Story of a PeopleEndo, Takako104722.95
Japanese American Journey (PB),The Story of a PeopleEndo, Takako100213.95
Japanese American Women, Three Generations 1890-1990Nakano, Mei166112.95
Japanese American Women,(HB) Three Generations 1890-1990Nakano, Mei166221.95
Japanese Americans from Relocation to Redress-Revised EditionDaniels, Roger, et. al., eds.187322.95
Japanese Character Cards I
Japanese Character Cards II
Japanese Character Cards III
Japanese Children's Favorite StoriesSakade, Florence, Editor3216.95
Japanese Children's Songs-BookNihonmachi Little Friends159.95
Japanese Children's Songs-CsNihonmachi Little Friends169.95
Japanese Cooking, a Simple ArtTsuji, Shizuo44440
Japanese Crafts and Customs (PB)Ekiguchi & McCreery206219
Japanese Crane (HB)Sato, Teruo208426.95
Japanese Crane, Bird of HappinessBritton, Dorothy209630
Japanese Culture and Behavior, selected readingsLebra, Takie Sugiyama & William P.25618.95
Japanese Experience in Butte County, CaliforniaMcDonald, Archie220413.95
Japanese Fortune CalendarChiba, Reiko147517.95
Japanese Garden, Islands of SerenityOhashi, Haruzo121417.95
Japanese Gardens for TodayEngel, David H.79924.95
Japanese Kana Flash CardsNaganuma, Naoe80627
Japanese Kimono Paper Dolls in Full ColorSun, Ming-ju11704.95
Japanese Language & Culture for Business & Travel, Text for Students & Travel Industry ManagersHijirida, Kyoko & Muneo Yoshikawa186133.95
Japanese Mind, Essentials of Japanese Philosophy and CultureMoore, Charles A.25811.95
Japanese Names for BabiesUwate, Aiko155314.95
Japanese New Year's DayHan, Mieko6243.95
Japanese Now, V 1 - Exercise SheetsSato, Esther M.T.10625.4
Japanese Now, V 1 - Student TextSato, Esther M.T. & Shishido, Loren I.55318
Japanese Now, V 1 - Teacher's ManualSato, Esther M.T. & M. Sakihara & L.I. Shishido103418
Japanese Now, V 2 - Exercise SheetsSato, Esther10615.4
Japanese Now, V 2 - StudentSato, Esther M.T. & M. Sakihara & L.I.Shishido55424
Japanese Now, V 2 - Teacher's ManualSato, Esther103518
Japanese Now, V 3 - Exercise SheetsSato, Esther13565.4
Japanese Now, V 3 - Student BookSato, Esther & Masako Sakihara131224
Japanese Now, V 3 - Teacher's ManualSato, Esther135527
Japanese Now, V 4 - Exercise SheetsSato, Esther17377
Japanese Now, V 4 - Student TextSato, Esther & Masako Sakihara165527
Japanese Now, V 4 - Teacher's ManualSato, Esther173641
Japanese Now-audio tape Vol IIISato, Esther164575
Japanese Now-audio tape, Vol ISato, Esther164475
Japanese Now-audio tape, Vol IISato, Esther105975
Japanese Patterns of BehaviorLebra, Takie Sugiyama70615.95
Japanese Touch For Your GardenSeike, Kiyoshi, Masanobu Kudo & David Engel150824.95
Japanese Touch for Your HomeYagi, Koji111022
Japanese Word BookGreen, Yuko168816.95
Japanese Word Book (SET)Green, Yuko194116.95
Japanese Words and Their Uses (PB)Miura, Akira2499.95
Japanese for Busy People -cassetteAssociation for Japanese-Language Teaching71840
Japanese for Busy People II-Book
Japanese for Busy People-Book 1Association for Japanese-Language Teaching71922
Japanese for Children, A Beginning Course in Everyday ConversationKobo, Yoshiaki, Reiko Mari, George Okuhara176518.95
Jar of Dreams (HB)Uchida, Yoshiko9012.95
Jar of Dreams (PB)Uchida, Yoshiko12663.95
Jewel of the Desert, Japanese American Internment at Topaz (HB)Taylor, Sandra C.213635
Journey HomeUchida, Yoshiko9113.95
Journey Home (pb)Uchida, Yoshiko18083.95
Journey to Gold Mountain, The Chinese in 19th-Century AmericaTakaki, Ronald242518.95
Journey to TopazUchida, Yoshiko9459.95
Journey, Japanese Americans, Racism and RenewalHamanaka, Sheila167619.95
Joy Luck Club (PB)Tan, Amy16856.99
Joy of Origami, Ten Basic Folds Which Create Many FormsTakahama, Toshie45910.95
Judge Rabbit and the Tree SpiritSpagnoli, Cathy180114.95
Just Like MeRohmer, Harriet, Editor258215.95
Justice Delayed,(HB) The Record of the Japanese American Internment CasesIrons, Peter163140
Justice Delayed: the Record of the Japanese American Internment CasesIrons, Peter158021.95
Justice at War, the Story of the Japanese American Internment CasesIrons, Peter153716.95
Justice in Our Time, the Japanese Canadian Redress SettlementMiki, Roy & Cassandra Kobayashi191129.95

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