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Sachie, A Daughter of HawaiiSaiki, Patsy Sumie25098.95
Sachiko Means HappinessSakai, Kimiko169613.95
Sachiko Means Happiness (pb)Sakai, Kimiko25836.95
Sadako and the Thousand Paper Cranes (HB)Coerr, Eleanor154217.95
Sadako and the Thousand Paper Cranes (PB)Coerr, Eleanor1023.5
Sailing for the Sun, the Chinese in Hawaii, 1789-1989Lum, Arlene, ed.187039.95
Saltwater City, An Illustrated History of the Chinese in VancouverYee, Paul155739.95
Sam and the Lucky MoneyChinn, Karen245014.95
Sam and the Lucky Money (PB)Chinn, Karen25876.95
Samfow: the San Joaquin Chinese LegacyMinnick, Sylvia Sun217025
Samfow: The San Joaquin Chinese LegacyMinnick, Sylvia Sun151515.95
Samoa, A Photographic EssaySutter, Frederick Koehler38825
Samoans In California, An illustrated historyPouesi, Daniel226018.5
Samoans, A Global FamilySutter, Frederick Koehler157734.95
Samurai Sword, A HandbookYumoto, John M.26421.95
Samurai of Gold HillUchida, Yoshiko9448.95
Sashiko QuiltingOta, Kimi1297.95
Sashiko, Traditional Japanese Quilt DesignsNihon Vogue16409.95
Saturday Night a the Pahala TheatreYamanaka, Lois-Ann25498
Say It in JapaneseKai, Miwa11443.95
Saying Goodbye (HB)Lee, Marie G.241014.95
Scent of ApplesSantos, Bienvenido19214.95
Screen of Frogs (hb)Hamanaka, Sheila226515.95
Sea of Gold and Other Tales From JapanUchida, Yoshiko14808.95
Second Wave: Pinay Pinoy - 1945-1960Vallangca, Caridad Concepcion138710.95
Seeing, Saying, Doing, PlayingGomi, Taro183013.95
Seven Brothers and Big Dipper & Hungbu, Nolbu and Magic GourdsVorhees, Duance & Mark Meuller19637.95
Seven Chinese BrothersMahy, Margaret176312.95
Seven Korean Sisters, ST, K/EHahn, Jae Hyun5697.95
Seven Korean Sisters, TG, K/EHahn, Jae Hyun9349.95
Seven Magic Brother, K/EKuang-ts'ai Hao238216.95
Seven Magic Brothers, C/EKuang-ts'ai Hao238816.95
Seven Magic Brothers, Kh/EKuang-ts'ai Hao236116.95
Seven Magic Brothers, L/EKuang,ts'ai Hao236216.95
Seven Magic Brothers, L/EKuang-ts'ai Hao236016.95
Seven Magic Brothers, Ta/EKuang-ts'ai Hoa235216.95
Seven Magic Brothers, Th/EKuang-ts'ai Hao237616.95
Seven Magic Brothers, V/EKuang-ts'ai Hao239316.95
Seven Stories from Seven Sisters, a Collection of Philippine FolktalesPhilippine American Women Writers and Artists199410.95
Seventeen SyllablesYamamoto, Hisaye162621.95
Seventeen Syllables and other storiesYamamoto, Hisaye152711.95
Shedding Silence (HB)Mirikitani, Janice134014.95
Shedding Silence (PB) Poetry and ProseMirikitani, Janice13259.95
Shell Woman & the King (HB)Yep, Laurence216916.95
Shiatsu - Japanese Finger-Pressure TherapyNamikoshi, Tokujiro4718.95
Shinto: The Kami WayOno, Sokyo52012.95
Shiro in LoveTokuda, Wendy163311.95
Silent Warriors, a memoir of America's 442nd Regimental Combat TeamWakamatsu, Jack250817.95
Sim Chung and the River DragonSchecter, Ellen23443.5
Singapore, Island NationHoe, Irene198817.95
Sister Stew (PB) Poetry & Fiction by WomenKono, Juliet & Cath Song, eds.194410
Snail Lady & Magic VaseVorhees, Duance & Mark Meuller19647.95
Snow Falling on CedarsGuterman, David259512
Sole Survivor (PB)McCunn, Ruthanne Lum10732.95
Song of YvonneBrainard, Cecilia Manguerra184712.5
Songs My Mother Taught Me (HB)Yamauchi, Wakako228435
Songs My Mother Taught Me (pb)Yamauchi, Wakako228314.95
Songs for JadinaLau, Alan2236.95
Songs of Gold MountainHom, Marlon K134647.5
Sons of Yellow Emperor (PB)Pan, Lynn226215
Sons of the Yellow Emperor, A History of the Chinese DiasporaPan, Lynn175722.95
South Wind Changing (HB)hUYNH, jADE nGOC qUANG264220
Sowing Ti Leaves, Writings by Multicultural WomenYamada, Mitsuye24957.95
Spacious Dreams, The First Wave of Asian ImmigrationTakaki, Ronald242718.95
Special Chinese Birthday, TGCheung, C.P. et al9469.95
Special Korean Birthday, ST, K/EHahn, Jae Hyun5706.95
Special Korean Birthday, TG, K/EHahn, Jae Hyun9379.95
Standard English-Korean Dictionary for Foreigners
Star FisherYep, Laurence177112.95
Star Fisher (PB)Yep, Laurence20263.99
Star Trek - Shadow LordYep, Laurence17144.95
State Of Asian America: Activism and Resistance in the 1990's (PB)Aguilar, Karin San Juan220916
State of Asian America: Activism and Resistance in the 1990's (HB)Aguilar, Karin San Juan221440
Stone MaidenPouesi, Daniel245410
Stories from Asia Today Bk 2UNESCO19669.95
Stories from Asia Today, Bk 1Asian Cultural Centre/UNESCO18228.95
Story of the 442nd Combat TeamInformation-Education Section1736.95
Story of the Chinese Zodiac, C/EKuang-ts'ai Hao238916.95
Story of the Chinese Zodiac, Hm/EChang, Monica236516.95
Story of the Chinese Zodiac, K/EChang, Monica238316.95
Story of the Chinese Zodiac, Kh/EChang, Monica236316.95
Story of the Chinese Zodiac, L/EChang, Monica236416.95
Story of the Chinese Zodiac, Ta/EChang, Monica235316.95
Story of the Chinese Zodiac, Th/EChang, Monica237716.95
Story of the Chinese Zodiac, V/EChang, Monica239416.95
Strangers From A Different Shore:A History of Asian Americans(HB)Takaki, Ronald158124.95
Strangers From Different Shores (PB)Takaki, Ron172813.95
Strangers at the Gates Again, Asian American Immigration After 1965Takaki, Ronald243118.95
Strawberry RoadIshikawa, Yoshimi185219.95
Strength and Diversity: Japanese American Women 1885 to 1990National Japanese American Historical Society16436.95
Stubborn Twig (HB)Kessler, Lauren219625
Sumi Ink
Sumi-e Brush
Sumi-e Practice Sheets
Sumi-e Set
Summits Move With the Tide, Poems and a PlayBerssenbruge, Mei Mei17724
Sun - Short Stories & DramaLum, Darrell H.Y.19515
Sun Tzu, The Art of WarGriffith, Samuel B. (Translated by)5006.95
Surti Touch, ADoshi, Malvi14287.95
Sushi & Sourdough (PB)Kanazawa, Tooru J.185312.95
Sushi Made EasyTsuda, Nobuko44312.95
Sushi and SourdoughKanazawa, Tooru J.165219.95
Sushi at HomeShimizu, Kay49922
Suzie doll
Sweetwater (PB)Yep, Laurence963.95

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