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Pacific Bridges, The New Immigration from Asia and the Pacific IslandsFawcett, James T. and Benjamin V Carino, Editors252324.95
Pacific War and Peace, Americans of Japanese Ancestry in Military Intelligence Service, 1941 to 1952Uyeda, Clifford & Barry Saiki189710
Pake Writings by Chinese in HawaiiChock, Eric16898
Pangs of LoveLouie, David Wong184219
Pangs of Love (PB)Louie, David Wong20289
Paper Angels/Bitter CaneLim, Genny25458.95
Parker Ranch PanioloNakano, Jiro215214.95
Passage to Fredom, the Sugihara StoryMochizuki, Ken257415.95
Pau Hana (PB)Takaki, Ronald67112.95
Pawns in a Triangle of Hate, the Peruvian Japanese and the United StatesGardner, C. Harvey49433.95
Peace CraneHamanaka, Sheila245716
PeelingKageyame, Yuri18865.95
People of Our Country, ST, C/EHan, Mieko6273.95
People of Our Country, ST, J/EHan, Mieko6283.95
People of Our Country, ST, K/EHan, Mieko6373.95
People of Our Country, ST, L/EHan, Mieko6393.95
People of Our Country, ST, V/EHan, Mieko6383.95
People of Our Country, TG, C/EHan, Mieko8529.95
People of Our Country, TG, J/EHan, Mieko9509.95
People of Our Country, TG, K/EHan, Mieko9519.95
People of Our Country, TG, L/EHan, Mieko9539.95
People of Our Country, TG, V/EHan, Mieko9299.95
People on the Way, Asian North Americans Discovering Christ, Culture, and CommunityNg, David, Editor256517
Personal Justice Denied, Report of the Commission on Wartime Relocation and Internmentn of CiviliansU.S. GOVERNMENT264316.95
Pet Food & Tropical ApparitionsHagedorn, Jessica188925
Philip Vera Cruz, a Personal History of Filipino Immigrants and the Farmworkers MovementScharlin, Craig & Lilia V. Villanueva254015
Philippine CookbookAlejandro, Reynaldo202210.95
Philippine Folk Fiction and TalesPil, Teresita Veloso18167.95
Philippine Woman in AmericaBrainard, Cecilia Manguerra184611.5
Philippines is in the HeartBulosan, Carlos16638.95
Philippines, The, Tropical ParadisePeplow, Evelyn198921.95
Pictorial Encyclopedia of Japanese Life and Events
Picture BrideSong, Cathy20307.95
Picture BrideUchida, Yoshiko240324.95
Pilipinas A to Z, A Barangay Activity BookSolis, Melchizedek Maraon247911.95
Pilipino-English English-PilipinoBickford, Sam & Angelina23028.95
Pilipino-English, English-PilipinoBickford, Sam24738.95
Pilipino-English/English-Pilipino DictionaryBickford, Sam and Angelina16816.95
Pilipinos in America, ThePido, Antonio J.A.252217.95
Planted in Good Soil, Vols I & IIIwata, Masakazu1877116.9
Pledge of Allegiance, ST, C/EHan, Mieko6253.95
Pledge of Allegiance, ST, Ca/EHan, Mieko513.95
Pledge of Allegiance, ST, J/E
Pledge of Allegiance, ST, K/E
Pledge of Allegiance, ST, L/EHan, Mieko6363.95
Pledge of Allegiance, ST, V/EHan, Mieko5833.95
Pledge of Allegiance, TG, C/EHan, Mieko9419.95
Pledge of Allegiance, TG, Ca/EHan, Mieko9289.95
Pledge of Allegiance, TG, J/EHan, Mieko9279.95
Pledge of Allegiance, TG, K/EHan, Mieko9489.95
Pledge of Allegiance, TG, L/EHan, Mieko8539.95
Pledge of Allegiance, TG, V/EHan, Mieko9499.95
Poets Behind Barbed WireSoga, Keiho & Mori, Taisanboku & Takei, Sojin5898
Politics of Life (HB)Houston, Velina207244.95
Politics of Life (PB)Houston, Velina Hasu210020.95
Politics of PrejudiceDaniels, Roger33310.95
Portraits of Asian-Pacific Americans, Exploring the Achievements of Famous Asian-Pacific AmericansSteidl, Kim Sakamoto180210.95
Post Office, ST, C/EHan, Mieko6523.95
Post Office, ST, Ca/EHan, Mieko553.95
Post Office, ST, K/EHan, Mieko6533.95
Post Office, ST, L/EHan, Mieko6553.95
Post Office, ST, V/EHan, Mieko6543.95
Post Office, TG, Ca/EHan, Mieko9669.95
Post Office, TG, J/EHan, Mieko9319.95
Post Office, TG, K/EHan, Mieko9659.95
Post Office, TG, L/EHan, Mieko9679.95
Post Office, TG, V/EHan, Mieko9329.95
Practical English-Chinese Pronouncing DictionaryChen, Janey23629.95
Praying ManSantos, Bienvenido N16709.95
Prehistoric Origami, Dinosaurs & Other CreaturesMontroll, John19229.95
Premonitions, The Kaya Anthology of New Asian North American PoetryLew, Walter K., Editor254422.95
Prisoners Without Trial, Japanese Americans in World War II (PB)Daniels, Roger20947.95
Prisoners Without Trial, Japanese Americans in World War II (HB)Daniels, Roger209519.95
Profiles in Excellence, Peninsula Chinese AmericansYu, Connie Young15239.95
Promises Kept (HB) The Life of an Issei ManKikumura, Akemi185417.95
Promises Kept (PB) The Life of an Issei ManKikumura, Akemi18559.95
Pua Pua Lena Lena and the Magic Kaha-puBuffet, Guy & Pam197012.95
Puppe's StorySugihara, Hiroki251410.95

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