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G Titles

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Gaman, a Generation in Hawai'iSimmons, Sharon Keiko25997.95
Game of Go, the National Game of JapanSmith, Arthur1209.95
Ganbare! An Example of Japanese SpiritSaiki, Patsy6769.95
GanbatteYoneda, Karl G.49210.95
Gangster of LoveHagedorn, Jessica259612.95
Gathering of Voices on the Asian American Experience, AParks-White, Annette224932.95
Generations and Identity: The Japanese American (PB)Kitano, Harry H.L.216829.95
George Tsutakawa (HB)Kingsbury, Martha187950
George Tsutakawa (PB)Kingsbury, Martha188024.95
Ghost TrainYee, Paul252715.95
Giant and the Spring, C/EKuang-ts'ai Hao239816.95
Giant and the Spring, Hm/EKuang-ts'ai Hao236916.95
Giant and the Spring, K/EKuang-ts'ai Hao238516.95
Giant and the Spring, Kh/EKuang-ts'ai Hao237016.95
Giant and the Spring, L/EKuang-ts'ai Hao237116.95
Giant and the Spring, Ta/EKuang-ts'ai Hao235516.95
Giant and the Spring, Th/EKuang-ts'ai Hao237916.95
Giant and the Spring, V/EKuang-ts'ai Hao239616.95
Giants Never Wins, ThePeang, Koung & Pun Nhiv253315
Ginseng & Other Tales from ManilaVillanueva, Marianne19199.95
Global Production, the apparel industry in the Pacific RimBonacich, Edna227322.95
Go For Broke, a pictorial hist of the Japanese Am 100th Infantry Battalion & the 442nd Reg Com TeamTanaka, Chester257539.95
Go Set, Small Board and stones
Going Where I'm Coming From (hb)Mazer, Anne241215.95
Going Where I'm Coming From (pb)Mazer, Anne24136.95
Golden Carp, and other tales from VietnamVuong, Lynette Dyer233115
Golden LiliesKwei-Li177817.95
Golden Slipper (pb)Lum, Darrell24873.95
Gourmet Wok CookingShimizu, Kay4395.95
Grandfather's Journey (HB)Say, Allen219116.95
Grandmother's Path, Grandfather's WayLue Vang149714.95
Greedy Princess & Rabbit and TigerVorhees, Duance & Mark Meuller19597.95
Growing Up Asian American (HB)Hong, Maria214922.95
Growing Up Asian American (pb)Hong, Maria240712.5
Guide to Chinese American PhilanthropyLee, Robert186925
Guide to Macrobiotic RemediesKushi, Michio42813.95
Guide to Reading and Writing Japanese, 1,850 Basic Characters and Kana SyllabariesSakade, Florence52816.95
Gunga Din HighwayChin, Frank251614.95

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