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I Titles

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I Can Never Forget, Men of the 100th/442ndChang, Thelma190034.95
I Saw It: The Atomic Bombing of HiroshimaNakazawa, Keiji852.5
I'm Chinese-American Flip BookLovejoy, Pamela23427.98
If It Hadn't Been For Yoon JunLee, Marie G.25563.99
If You Want to Know What We Are, a Carlos Bulosan ReaderSan Juan, E. Jr.3195.95
If it Hadn't Been for Yoon JunLee, Marie G.208513.95
Ikebana, A New Illustrated Guide to MasteryTeshigahara, Wafu26217.95
Ilokano DictionaryConstantino, Ernest53531.95
Imagining America (HB) Stories from the Promised LandBrown, Wesley & Amy Ling, eds.192624.95
Imagining America (PB) Stories from the Promised LandBrown, Wesley & Amy Ling, eds.192712.95
Immigrant Acts (HB)Lowe, Lisa256849.95
Immigrant Acts(PB)Lowe, Lisa256716.95
Immigrant Enterpreneurs, Koreans in Los Angeles, 1965-82Light, Ivan and Edna Bonacich160958.95
In My Heart I Am a DancerYin, Chamroeum253212.95
In the Heart of Filipino America, Immigrants from the Pacific IslesTakaki, Ronald242818.95
In the Heart of the Valley of LoveKadohata, Cynthia201820
In the New World, the Making of a Korean AmericanHyun, Peter249621.95
In the Shadow of the Tiger (HB)Lim, Christina217732
In the SnowLee, Huy Voun248315.95
Income & Status Difference Between White & Minority Americans, a Persistent InequalityChan, Sucheng, ed.189199.95
India in the West, South Asians in AmericaTakaki, Ronald243018.95
Inside an American Concentration Camp (PB)Nishimoto, Richard S.260219.95
Intergroup Cooperation In The Cities (PB)Yun, Grace217829
Intermediate Tagalog, Developing Cultural Awareness Through LanguageRamos, Teresita V. & Goulet, Rosalina Morales53721.95
Into the Fire, Asian American ProseWatanabe, Sylvia & Carol Bruchac, Eds.251717.95
Invisible Thread PB)Uchida, Yoshiko26344.95
Invisible Thread(HB)Uchida, Yoshiko184012.95
Inward Light, An Asian American JourneySanematsu, Ben259012.95
Iron Cages, Race & Culture in 19th-Century AmericaTakaki, Ronald T155917.95
Isamu Noguchi, Space of Akari and StoneOkada, Takahiko158424.95
Island of OgresNamioka, Lensey157014.95
Island, Poetry and History of Chinese Immigrants on Angel Island 1910-1940Lai, Him Mark, Genny Lim, Judy Young126416.95
Issei Pioneers, Hawaii and the Mainland 1885-1924Kikumura, Akemi203639.95
Issei and Nisei, The Settling of Japanese AmericaTakaki, Ronald243218.95
Issei, Japanese Immigrants in HawaiiKimura, Yukiko204717.95
Issei, Japanese Immigrants in HawaiiKimura, Yukiko150435.95
Issei, Nisei, Warbride:(PB)Glenn, Evelyn Nakano144518.95
Issei, The World of the First Generation JapaneseIchioka, Yuji170316.95
Issei, The World of the First Generation Japanese Immigrants, 1885 - 1924Ichioka, Yuji145829.95
Issunboshi (hb)Suyeoka, George, Rbt B Goodman, Rbt A Spicer196813.95
It's the 0-1-2-3 BookHarada, Joyce10538.95
It's the ABC BookHarada, Joyce58.95
It's the ABC BookHarada, Joyce20458.95
It's the ABC BookHarada, Joyce20468.95
ItsukaKogawa, Joy21519
Iu Mien: Tradition & ChangeMoore-Howard, Patricia183812.95

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