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Cambodian New Year's CelebrationKuong, Leendavy25356
Cambodian-English/English-Cambodian DictionaryKem Sos, Lim Hak Kheang, Madeline E Ehram163516.95
Camp Notes, and other poemsYamada, Mitsuye24948.95
Cancer and Heart Disease, The Macrobiotic Approach to Degenerative DisordersKushi, Michio110914.95
Cane FiresOkihiro, Gary Y.209919.95
Cane Fires, the Anti-Japanese Movement in Hawaii, 1865-1945Okihiro, Gary Y.178649.95
Cantonese Basic CourseBoyle, Elizabeth246319.95
Cebu (HB)Bacho, Peter184425
Cebu (PB)Bacho, Peter184512.95
Chan is MissingWang, Wayne25518
Changing Lives of Refugee Hmong WomenDonnelly, Nancy240930
Changing the River, Poems by Alex KuoKuo, Alex18879.95
Charlie Chan Is Dead, An Anthology of Contemporary Asian American Fiction (PB)Hagedorn, Jessica223114.95
Chauvinist and Other StoriesMori, Toshio17212.95
Chef Chu's Distinctive Cuisine of ChinaChu, Lawrence C. C.43623.95
Chickencoop Chinaman, The Year of the DragonChin, Frank14214.95
Child of War, Woman of PeaceHayslip, Le Ly206022.5
Child of War, Woman of Peace (PB)Hayslip, Le Ly230012.95
Child of the Owl (PB)Yep, Laurence13393.95
Children of Asian America
Children of Topaz, The Story of a Japanese American Internment CampTunnel, Michael O. and George W. Chilcoat260816.95
Children of the Atomic BombYamazaki, James246916.95
Children of the River(PB)Crew, Linda20314.5
China BoyLee, Gus230410.95
China Boy (PB)Lee, Gus202711.95
China GuidebookKaplan, Frederick, Julian Sobin, Arn de Keijzer170218.95
China's Bravest GirlChin, Charlie25266.95
China's Bravest Girl, Legend of Hua Mu Lan (HB)Chin, Charlie217614.95
Chinaman Pacific & Frisco R.R. Co.Chin, Frank151110.95
Chinamen (HB)Kingston, Maxine Hong59024.95
Chinamen (pb)Kingston, Maxine Hong180511
ChinatownZhou, Min206644.95
Chinatown, Most Time, Hard TimeLoo, Chalsa M.202455
Chinese American Heritage (HB)Brownstone, David M.224716.95
Chinese American Intermarriage (HB)Sung, Betty Lee171724.95
Chinese Americans: Past & Present, TGAssociation of Chinese Teachers994.95
Chinese Americans: Past and PresentAssociation of Chinese Teachers984.95
Chinese Characters, ST, C/EHan, Mieko677.95
Chinese Characters, TGHan, Mieko8519.95
Chinese Cultural Activities - Teacher's Guide to Bringing Asian Culture to Grades K-10Qiu Min Ji259314
Chinese Diet CookbookSolomon, Charmaine48110.95
Chinese Gold (PB)Lydon, Sandy117524.95
Chinese Herbs
Chinese New YearBrown, Tricia26380
Chinese New Year's DragonSing, Rachel23345.99
Chinese New Year's Dragon (with cassette)Sing, Rachel262216.5
Chinese ProverbsMcCunn, Ruthanne Lum19377.95
Chinese Siamese CatTan, Amy228216.95
Chinese Women of America (PB)Yung, Judy126116.95
Chinese Word Book
Chinese calligraphy set
Citizen 13660Okubo, Mine8614.95
City in the SunBailey, Paul138419.95
City of Dragons (PB)Yep, Laurence26374.99
Clay Marble (PB)Ho, Mingfong26034.95
Clay Walls (PB)Ronyoung, Kim185814.95
Colloquial Cambodian, A Complete Language CourseSmyth, David248934.95
Colloquial Cantonese, A Complete Language CourseTong, Keith249134.95
Colloquial Thai, A Complete Language CourseMoore, John249234.95
Colloquial Vietnamese
Colloquial VietnameseNguyen, Dihn-Hoa198341
Colloquial Vietnamese, A Complete Language Course
Color With Style (PB)Fujii's, Donna213819.95
Coloring Book of Ancient China
Coloring Book of Ancient Hawaii
Coloring Book of Japan
Colors of Desire (PB)Mura, David241510
Complete Asian Health & Diet CookbookHodder, Mary Trevelyan151315.95
Complete Book of AcupunctureChang, Dr. Stephen Thomas14299.95
Complete Book of Shiatsu Therapy, TheNamikoshi, Toru100922
Complete Sumi-e TechniquesYamada, Sadami13312.95
Concentration Camps of North America, Japanese in the U.S. and Canada During World War IIDaniels, Roger33124.95
Concise Indonesian DictionaryKramer, A. L. N.2399.95
Connie Chung, Broadcast Journalist (HB)Malone, Mary220517.95
Contemporary American Suc Stor V 2 pb, Famous People of Asian AncestryMarvis, Barbara J.21948.95
Contemporary American Suc Stor V 3 pb, Famous People of Asian AncestryMarvis, Barbara J.21958.95
Contemporary American Suc Stor V 4 pb, Famous People of Asian Ancestry
Contemporary American Suc Stor V 5 pb, Famous People of Asian Ancestry
Contemporary American Suc Stor V I pb, Famous People of Asian AncestryMarvis, Barbara J.21938.95
Contemporary American Success Stories, Famous People of Asian AncestryTG
Contemporary Perspective on Asian and Pacific American EducationEndo, Russell, Virgie Chattergy, S. Chou, N. Tsuch181013.95
Conversational Tagalog, A Functioanl Situational ApproachRamos, Teresita V.116719
Cooking with Exotic MushroomsShimizu, Kay4315.95
Counseling the Culturally Different, Theory & PracticeSue, Derald W. & Wiley, John49539.95
Count Your Way Through ChinaHaskins, Jim17605.95
Country Voices, The Oral History of a Japanese American Farm CommunityMasumoto, David Mas138215.95
Country of Dreams and DustLeong, Russell22538.95
Critical Mass, a journal of Asian American criticism Vol 1/No 1UC Berkeley22936
Cry and the Dedication, Carlos Bulosan (PB)San Juan, Jr., E.264122.95
Cultural Conflict & Adaptation (PB)Trueba, et al172129.95
Cultural Conflicts & Adaptation, The Case of Hmong Children in American Society(HB)Trueba, Henry T, Lila Jacobs, Elizabeth S Kirton172042
Cultural Revolution (HB)Wong, Norman227221
Curse of the SquirrelYep, Lauence17131.95
Cut & Assemble Paper Dragons That FlyKawami, David13234.5

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